Posted at July 12, 2018

BMW C 400 X on sale Q4 2018

BMW Motorrad has announced that the LAMS Approved C 400 X will go on sale in Q4 2018. This should the wet the appetite for anyone in the market looking for a mid-sized scooter with a fair share of technological gadgetry. If you’re in the market for a city commuter that can handle its own amongst traffic and be networked and connected at all times, then the C 400 X ex-factory option gives you this opportunity. It’s a mid-size scooter that easily overcomes challenges of mobility in a city.

Just take your favourite songs with you on the scooter and experience the city to your own personal soundtrack or make plans with friends on your connected smartphone without dismounting while you cruise comfortably through the metropolis.


The learner legal C 400 X  is powered by a 350ccsingle cylinder engine which gets its 34hp and 35Nm of torque through to the ground via a CVT transmission. Standard features include ABS, 12-volt power socket, stability control and a storage area comprising two integrated compartments and a flexcase under the single-section seat.

Then there’s the C 400 X Ion variant which adds LED headlights, Daytime running lights, keyless ride, 6.5 in TFT Display, heated grips, heated seat. Colour wise, you have the option of Metallic Zenith Blue or Alpine White.

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