Posted at July 27, 2015

Tougher licensing tests for learner riders?

Learner riders could be set for stricter licensing tests and restrictions under proposals raised in a discussion paper put forward by the Department of transport and main roads Queensland. Roads Safety minister Mark Bailey invites Queenslanders to have their say in an online survey with submissions closing on the 6th September.

Currently, Queensland is the only state whereby potential riders must hold a car licence for 1 year before obtaining a motorcycle learners permit. If the new proposals are implemented, Queensland may end up having the toughest restrictions in place across the country.

The discussion paper attempts to review motorcycle licensing holistically and are seeking feedback on possible changes to various elements of the current system, including:

1. The requirements to obtain a motorcycle learner licence – should a practical pre-learner training and assessment course be undertaken?
2. The requirements to progress from a motorcycle learner licence – should there be a minimum tenure period?
3. The requirements to progress from a restricted (RE) to an unrestricted (R) motorcycle licence – should there be a practical assessment and how long should the minimum tenure period be?
4. The Q-Ride training and assessment course – are the current competency standards appropriately focussed, should there be more focus on attitudes and would there be benefit in standardising the course and the number of hours spent training?

Want to have your say?

Read the discussion paper here: Motorcycle licensing discussion paper: improving road safety for motorcycle riders in Queensland (PDF, 116 KB)

Answer the online survey here: Motorcycle licensing survey: have your say

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